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3 Reasons to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing

A new season brings a new wardrobe! With the excitement of shopping for the latest trends, you may be tempted to show off your new outfits right away. However, it's important to clean newly purchased clothes before the first wear. While some reasons for washing new clothes before wearing them may be obvious, others may be overlooked.

Remove Potential Germs from Previous Wearers

While it's not always the case, some of your newly purchased garments may have had previous wearers. Some garments may have been tried on by others before purchasing, while some items could've been returned. Therefore, washing your new clothes before wearing them helps remove any bacteria, dead skin cells, or sweat that could've transferred to the garments.

Avoid the Transfer of Fabric Dyes

Some new garments may have extra dyes from production that can transfer to your skin and other clothes if you do not wash them before the first wear. Washing new clothes after bringing them home will remove any extra dyes and prevent staining on other clothing items or your skin.

Remove Chemical Remnants in the Fabric

Similar to dyes, some garments may have traces of chemicals companies use in production to enhance clothing items' color or texture. Without washing newly purchased clothes, the chemical remnants on the garments can cause skin irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Washing your new clothes before wearing them can save you the hassle of dealing with potential skin rashes or removing surprise stains. For the best care of your newly purchased items, contact Craig's Dry Cleaners. Our professional staff will clean your items per the item's care label and ensure your new garments are ready to be shown off! Professionally cleaning will give you peace of mind that your new outfits are free from bacteria, dyes, or chemical irritants.


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