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Closet Organization Tips for Fall | Craig's Dry Cleaners

As cooler weather sets in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee, many of us begin switching out our wardrobes. Packing and unpacking seasonal clothes is a routine task as summer fades into fall and then winter. When it is time to switch out your closet for the changing seasons, it is also an excellent time to organize the space. We've listed a few tips to help keep your closet organized and your clothes in tip-top shape for each season.

To Keep or Not To Keep

Before packing away your summer clothes, it is best to decide if you should keep the items for next year or donate them. Evaluating your wardrobe each season will help your closet from becoming cluttered with outfits you do not wear or just don't fit right. Ask yourself these questions when deciding whether or not to keep an item.

  • Do you like the way it fits?

  • Do you like the color?

  • How many times did you wear it this season?

If you answered no or did not wear the item more than twice, consider donating the items instead of cleaning them and packing them away.

Clean Your Clothes Before Storing

If it has been several weeks since the items hanging in your closet were cleaned, you should have them dry cleaned or laundered before packing them away for the season. Clean clothing helps deter pests and keep your items looking their best. Besides reducing the risk of pests, if any of your outfits have invisible stains, it can become a permanent stain if left untreated when putting your items in storage. Once you received your items back from the dry cleaner, you should remove the cleaning bags covering your clothes to prevent trapped moisture that can cause mildew.

Deep Clean Your Closet

Since you'll probably already be removing a majority of items from your closet as you change over for the season, it is a good idea to do a deep clean of the space. Once you've cleared out the closet, check for signs of insects or other pests. If necessary, take steps to remove them and prevent them from returning. Sweep and vacuum the space to remove any dust and allergens.

Use the Right Storage Containers

To ensure the longevity of your clothes, you want to store them properly when changing out your wardrobe. Since cardboard can break down over time and attract insects, we recommend plastic containers. When storing your clothes for the season, find a plastic container with lids that allow for some airflow. You want to keep the containers in a cool, dry place, not faced with environmental changes (drastic temperatures, humidity, etc.).

As the weather changes, so do our wardrobes. However, following these tips will help keep you organized and ready for every season.

If you find yourself cleaning out your closet and have no space for storing the previous season's clothes, contact Craig's Dry Cleaners. We provide seasonal clothing storage to keep your outfits properly stored until you're ready once the next season rolls back around. With our seasonal storage service, we clean your items beforehand to ensure they are free of stains and dust and also have them cleaned and ready for pickup when you ask to remove them from storage.

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