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Caring for Your Swimwear

With summer in full swing and many of us spending more time at the lake or pool, swimwear care is a topic worth discussing. From bathing suits to swimming trunks, swimwear is a very specif type of clothing that is often very expensive, especially if you do not tend to spend much time swimming. Therefore, proper care of your swimwear helps ensure you get the most bang for your buck by getting the most use out of these specific clothing items.

While you may be thinking swimwear care is simple because it is used seasonally and under very limited conditions, pool water, the hot sun, and sunblock can be harsh on clothing. Follow these care tips to ensure your swimwear gets the care it deserves to last.

Rinse Your Swimsuit After Each Wear

Although swimwear is designed for the pool, chlorine and salt are still hard on your swimsuit and trunks. Therefore, you should rinse the items after swimming to help remove any damaging residue. It is also a good idea even if you did not dive into the pool or lake to rinse your swimwear after you finish sunbathing or relaxing by the water. This is because sunblock and body oils can be tough on swimsuits too.

Avoid Wringing Out Your Swimwear

While wringing out your swimwear seems like a great way to remove excess water from the items, it can actually harm the clothing's fibers and reduce its longevity. The best way to dry a swimsuit is by placing the wet item on a dry towel, rolling up the towel with the swimwear inside, and squeezing it gently. Afterward, unroll and lay the item out flat to dry.

Avoid Hanging Your Wet Swimsuit to Dry

You may be tempted to hang up a wet suit. However, this is one of the top ways that reduce the swimwear's integrity and life. While many opt for hanging to air dry their swimwear, it can ruin the suit's fit by stretching the straps, causing them to become too loose.

Don't Overdo Heat

Heat is an enemy of swimwear as it can damage or reduce the life of these special clothing items. When you are washing and caring for your swimsuit, always remember to use cool water rather than hot. Also, if you enjoy relaxing in the hot tub routinely, expect your swimwear to not last as long as it could. This is why it's ideal to choose one suit, preferably a less expensive one, as your hot tub swimsuit. You will see early signs of wear for swimwear used routinely for hot tub use or washed in hot water.

Hand Wash Your Swimwear

As a specific use and expensive clothing item, swimsuits require delicate care. Even using the gentle cycle on your home washing machine can agitate parts of the suit that don’t need to be agitated. Instead, use a gentle detergent and cold water to hand wash your swimwear to get the most use out of the suit.

Rotate Your Swimsuits

There's no better way to spend hot summer days in East Tennessee than taking a dip in one of the area's beautiful lakes or lazing in the pool. Therefore, your swimsuit often gets a lot of use during the season, and it is best to have multiple suits to use regularly rather than one. Most swimwear contains spandex, which requires a full day to return to its usual position after wearing. So, if you're swimming daily, your swimsuit needs a day break between uses to help the clothing item last longer.

If you have additional questions about caring for your swimwear, reach out to us for proper care tips for the specialized clothing. Also, if you would rather have someone else worry about keeping your swimsuit looking its best, Craig's Dry Cleaners can help.

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