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Choosing the Right Hanger Type for Hanging Your Garments

Many of us may not consider how the hangers we use in our closets affect the look and longevity of our clothes. While many people choose their hangers based on looks or price-point, one should consider other factors before buying the same type of hanger for all their garments. The way you hang your clothes will ultimately affect the integrity of your items, and it all starts by choosing the right type of hanger.

Wire Hangers

While metal hangers can come in handy for DIY problem-solving and craft projects, they are also an excellent choice for hanging your clothes. The benefits of wire hangers include their reduced risk of stretching out your favorite garments. This hanger choice is a great option for almost all clothing types. However, wire hangers often lose their shape over time, affecting the fit of your clothes if continuing to use the hanger after it has lost its shape. Wire hangers are best for lightweight clothing and the temporary transportation of clothes and are not usually ideal for long-term use in closets.

Wood Hangers

As one of the most durable types of hangers, wooden hangers also provide a pleasing aesthetic appeal for displaying your clothes. They, oftentimes, feature a wider and rigid structure that ensures longevity without worrying about the hanger losing its shape over time. Also, with the various choice of wood types, wooden hangers can double as helping prevent pests from snacking on your favorite garments, as long as the wood used is known for its pest repellent benefit, such as cedar. Wood hangers are best for heavy or bulky clothing items, such as coats, blazers, and jeans.

Plastic Hangers

Widely available in a variety of colors at almost any store, plastic hangers are found in most closets. The smooth, heavy-gauge hangers are ideal for most everyday items, including T-shirts, polos, and even jeans. However, if your plastic hangers don't provide notching, some straps and dresses may easily slip off of them.

Velvet Hangers

The pleasing aesthetics of velvet hangers and array of color choices can give your closet a feeling of luxury. The soft feel and anti-slip surface make velvet hangers ideal for delicate clothing or silk blouses that often slip off other hanger types. Also, if you find your shirts are left with phantom points in the shoulders when using other hangers, making the switch to velvet hangers will get rid of the annoying issue. If you use velvet hangers, ensure your garments are completely dry before hanging because they may transfer the hanger's color to wet items.

Fabric Hangers

Since fabric or satin hangers often include padding, your garments are better supported when hanging, increasing the life of your clothing. Many choose fabric hangers for delicate clothing items. However, they are a great choice for various garment types.

Besides the material used for hangers, there are many shapes and specialty clothing-specific hangers. Many of the types on the above list can be designed for specific needs or include extra features to work with certain clothing items. However, deciding on the hanger material type should be the first step in determining the best hanger for your items. You may find that a variety of hanger types are needed to better accommodate the different items in your wardrobe and ensure your clothes last longer and continue looking their best with proper hanging.

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