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Common Stain Removing Hacks and Why They Aren't Effective

We've all had to deal with a stain on our clothes at some point, whether you see it happen or only notice the stain on laundry day. You probably head to the Internet to find out the best way to remove the stain using laundry hacks or use advice passed down from family or friends. However, you may be disappointed when these stain-removing hacks don't work in your favor because many of the tips and tricks you find about getting stubborn stains from your garments aren't effective. Let's take a closer look at a few of the common stain-removing hacks and why they aren't the best option for successfully erasing those stubborn stains.

Shaving Cream for Makeup Stains

If you happen to get foundation on your collar, old wives' tales suggest applying a dollop of shaving cream to the makeup stain. Let the shaving cream sit on the foundation stain for a few minutes, work the fabric to loosen the soiling, rinse with cold water, and repeat as necessary until the stain is gone. Then you can wash the item as usual.

Since most makeup is oil-based, you must break down the oil to effectively fight the stain. As you might have guessed, shaving cream has little to no effect on doing the job to break down the oil and remove the foundation stain. In some cases, it may even discolor the garment even further.

Use Milk and Nail Polish Remover for Ink Stains

Many have experienced a pen leaking in their pocket or a child using a pen on white clothes to create a masterpiece. When it happens, most are tempted to scrub out the ink themselves. When searching how to remove ink stains online, popular hacks suggest soaking the stained item in milk overnight or applying nail polish remover to the affected area. Then you can wash the garment as usual to remove the nasty ink stains. However, save yourself the hassle and potential to further ruin your ink-stained clothes by skipping the DIY method.

Trying to remove the stains with the above method often leads to pushing the ink further into the fabric, making it almost impossible to remove. For ink stains, it's best to let your local dry cleaner handle the task to save your garments.

Rub Clothes to Remove Deodorant Spots

Nothing is worse than fixing to walk out your door in the morning to notice a deodorant stain on your clothing. If you're in a pinch and can't change before leaving, you may search for ways to remove deodorant spots easily. You will probably read that rubbing the affected material with a dryer sheet or other clothing will make the stain disappear. However, friction typically works stains further into the fabric. It's best to leave a stain and let your dry cleaning specialist take care of stubborn stains for you.

Other Stain Removing Advice from Your Bristol, TN Dry Cleaner

When you spot a stain on your favorite outfit, remember these two important things about removing stains from soiled clothing

  1. Know what caused the stain (sauce, grease, grass, etc.)

  2. Attend to the stain as quickly as possible.

Stain removal from fabrics is no easy task, and while common hacks sound promising, they often aren't an effective method for making clothing stains disappear. Some laundry hacks can even set stains deeper into the material or cause additional staining.

Avoid the stress of effectively removing stains by bringing your items to Craig's Dry Cleaners. We use eco-friendly products to remove even the most stubborn stains from your garments. Contact us with your stain removal dilemmas, and let us help get your clothing back to looking like new!

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