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Essential Denim Care for Your Jeans & Favorite Denim Garments

Blue or black, skinny or straight, loose or bootcut, dark wash to faded: denim jeans are a staple in many wardrobes. The reliable, comfortable, and versatile clothing item may be found in closets across the country, but not everyone follows the proper care to extend the life and appearance of their favorite jeans or denim garments.

To ensure your trusty jeans, jackets, or skirts continue looking their best for longer, practice essential denim care. From designer jeans to a favorite pair of comfy jeans, proper denim care can make the most of the versatile clothing items. With the durability of denim fabric, jeans and denim jackets are made to last for years instead of seasons.

Don’t Over Wash Your Jeans

While you can’t go forever without washing your jeans, you can skip washing ever so often. Extending the amount of time between washes will help keep your jeans in tip-top shape for longer. Levi Strauss & Co recommends washing only once every ten wears to maintain fit, and use a damp cloth or old toothbrush with mild soap to remove to spot clean any stains between washes.

Denim Loves Cold

When washing your jeans and other denim items, remember to use cold water. Using cold water to wash the denim clothing items in your closet will help protect against shrinkage and fading. Therefore, to keep the original color and wash you loved when you bought your jeans, wash in cold water using the gentle cycle on your home washing machine or by hand washing.

Wash Inside Out

To preserve the iconic indigo color, you should wash all jeans inside out. You also want to fasten up all the zippers and buttons on your denim items before washing to avoid damage from the loose fixtures.

Air Dry

Avoiding the high heat of home dryers helps preserve the longevity of many fabrics and materials, including denim. Dryers are one of the few enemies of jeans because they lead to premature wear and affect the fit of the bottoms. Hanging freshly washed jeans and denim items to line dry in a shady spot helps keep the fit and color you love by reducing possible shrinkage and fabric warping. Heat and direct sunlight drying can cause excessive fade that takes the “worn in” look to the “worn out” look more quickly.

Know a Good Tailor

Don’t you just hate when you finally get a pair of jeans broken in only to have to toss them shortly after? With the help of a trusty seamstress, you can get additional wears out of your favorite jeans instead of ditching them. A tailor can help fix any holes, rips, frays, or missing rivets to give your jeans a touch-up. When done right, patching and repairing holes can bring new life to your jeans.

With the cost of new jeans, it is essential to get the full life out of each pair to get more bang for your buck. Following the above denim care tips can help keep your jeans looking their best for years to come. If you need help caring for your denim items, contact us. Our professionals know all the tips and tricks to extend the life and preserve the look, fit, and feel of your denim garments.

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