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How to Care for Dress Shirts to Make Them Last

Dress shirts are essential for maintaining your professional look (even for Zoom meetings). Whether for your daily workday or a special occasion, a crisp, clean dress shirt helps ensure you look your best. However, dress shirts are not cheap, so constantly buying new ones can really cut into your budget. Therefore, you want to keep your professional shirts looking their best for as long as possible, which often comes down to the care given to your dress shirts.

Follow these three laundering methods to get the most life out of your dress shirts.

1) Use a Professional Dry Cleaning Service

The stress of giving your dress shirts the proper care needed to extend their longevity can be too much. Luckily, your local Bristol, TN dry cleaner has your back! A professional wash and press service will save you from the hassle of dealing with carefully washing dress shirts and ensure your shirts stay in tip-top shape. Professional dry cleaners understand the best processes to use on the different dress shirt materials to effectively clean your items without negatively affecting their integrity.

Professional dry cleaning dress shirts consist of washing the items in commercial machines, which will extract most of the water in the final stage. Then, the shirts are placed in an industrial presser to remove excess moisture and smoothly iron the dress shirts in one step. A staff member will also ensure the shirts are free from stains or apply the right solutions to remove staining successfully before starting the cleaning process.

2) Using a Home Washing Machine

Many dress shirts can be cleaned at home if you follow the proper precautions. First, you must check for stains and pre-treat if necessary. Before tossing it in the wash, you should unbutton all of the shirt's buttons and remove any collar stays. Ensure you use the delicate cycle on your home washing machine to avoid damaging the dress shirt. Once the washing cycle is finished, the shirt must be removed promptly and hung on a clothesline or laid flat to air dry. After the dress shirt dries, you should iron the item before hanging it in your closet.

It is important to remember to avoid using a dryer for dress shirts as it can ruin the delicate clothing items.

3) Hand Wash Dress Shirts

As with any delicate clothing, hand washing may be a good option for professional shirts. However, hand washing dress shirts is a time-consuming process that may not always effectively remove tough stains. Machine washing on a delicate cycle or taking dress shirts to your local dry cleaner are often more efficient options for clean, crisp shirts.

At Craig's Dry Cleaners in Bristol, TN, we take the hassle out of cleaning your dress shirts. Our convenient pickup and home delivery service make caring for your dress shirts a breeze. You can ensure your professional shirts get the care they deserve to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. Schedule your professional shirt service using the button at the top, or contact us to learn how we handle all your dry cleaning and laundry needs in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area.

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