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How to Fold a Dress Shirt for Business Travel

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Whether you travel routinely for your job or are meeting for an out-of-town conference, folding your shirts can be a struggle to help avoid wrinkles. A wrinkled shirt can make an unfavorable first impression on clients or coworkers. Don't let a wrinkled shirt ruin your day! Try this reliable packing technique to minimize the number of wrinkles that may develop while traveling.

  1. Lay the shirt n a clean, flat, dry surface (such as a table) and button all the buttons.

  2. Turn the shirt with the buttons facing the table and straighten each sleeve to extend them straight out.

  3. Fold each sleeve one at a time over the back from the shoulder to make about a 45-degree angle.

  4. Align the cuff of the sleeve so that it is parallel to the edge of the shirt. Then smooth the sleeve, starting with the shoulder down to the cuff.

  5. Fold each sleeve in half toward the center of the shirt. You should end with a perfect rectangle, except for the shirt collar. Smooth the shirt from top to bottom.

  6. Finally, fold the shirt in half to align the collar with the shirt's hem. Smooth the shirt one last time and pack it in your suitcase.

Other Factors that Cause Wrinkling

While proper folding techniques can help reduce wrinkles on your dress shirts when traveling, some other factors to consider that cause wrinkling.

  • Shirt's fabric type-nylon, Lycra, or polyester are materials used in wrinkle-resistant clothing. Therefore, shop for clothing with these materials if you will be traveling often for business to help reduce the number of wrinkles in your packed shirts.

  • Weave of the shirt-The complexity of the shirt's weave construction increases its wrinkle resistance.

  • Length of time is packed-The longer the clothing is packed away, the more likely it will establish a memory and creases.

  • How tightly the shirts are packed-Overpacking reduces the ability of clothing to move, and they can become pressed during transit.

Folding vs. Hanging Business Clothing on Trips

Folding or hanging your business shirts for travel is a common question. Since leaving your shirt hanging is not always an option when traveling, especially during cross-country trips, it is a good idea to know folding techniques to minimize wrinkles while in transit. Although you can iron your dress shirts after arriving at your hotel, proper folding can save you the time and hassle of pulling out the hotel iron. The above folding method is a proven way to help reduce the risk of wrinkles on your business shirt or blouse.

If you are struggling with packing for your business trip, contact us. We will dry clean your items, and upon request efficiently fold your shirts for packing for your upcoming trip. Our professionals use folding techniques that help minimize the number of wrinkles that can develop while packed away during business travel. You can stress to look your best for your business trips or out-of-town events.

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