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How to Save Clothes from Shrinkage

Have you ever pulled out a favorite shirt or pair of jeans from the dryer to find they don't fit quite right anymore? Unfortunately, it's not always due to outgrowing the item. Clothes can shrink when not using the proper care techniques. Luckily, there are some tips for reversing clothes shrinkage to help save your precious favorite outfits.

What Causes Clothes to Shrink?

Although we refer to clothes as sometimes "shrinking," that's not actually what happens. When placing items in the dryer, the material's weave becomes tighter, which causes shrinking, so to speak. Therefore, the way to relax the fabric's weave is by stretching out the item. The process of stretching out the article of clothing to restore it to its original fit varies by the item's material type.

How to Reverse Cotton T-Shirt Shrinkage

For cotton items, such as T-shirts, the stretching process is simple because cotton is a relatively easy material to manipulate and stretch back into shape. Follow the below steps to bring your T-shirt back to its glory.

  1. Fill a bucket with warm water.

  2. Add in a squirt of hair conditioner or baby shampoo.

  3. Allow 20-30 minutes for the T-shirt to soak.

  4. Remove the T-shirt and gently squeeze it to remove excess water.

  5. Tie the shirt's edges and allow it to air dry.

How to Save Shrunk Jeans

As a more rigid material, denim is tougher to stretch. But fear not; following the tips below, you'll have your favorite jeans back in no time!

  1. Fill a bathtub with warm water.

  2. Put on the jeans and sit in the tub full of water.

  3. After several minutes, get out of the tub and squeeze excess water from the jeans.

  4. Continue wearing the jeans for a minimum of one hour.

  5. Once the jeans are completely dry, they should be back to their original fit.

The secret is to wear the jeans while they are slightly damp to help stretch out the material.

Craig's Dry Cleaners Can Help Save Your Clothes Shrinkage

While DIY methods can help unshrink some fabrics, it's not always successful. Consulting a professional dry cleaner can help bring your favorite items back to their original fit without increasing the risk of further damaging your clothes. Our experts understand the proper care for every garment, and trusting us with your dry cleaning and laundry needs will help prevent unwanted clothes shrinkage.

Craig's Dry Cleaners is here for all your laundry-related woes to help you stress less to look your best. Contact us to learn how we can help save your clothes from shrinkage and ensure your items receive the care they deserve. We also offer free pickup and delivery across Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport, and the surrounding Tri-cities TN region.

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