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List of Dry Cleaning Dos and Don'ts

Whether it's a garment with a Dry Clean Only care label or just an item you don't want to risk ruining, you should take special care to keep it looking its best. Reference our quick list of dry cleaning dos and don'ts to ensure your garments receive the correct care they deserve and enhance the longevity and integrity of your clothing items.

  • DO save and follow any care labels and tags that come with your items.

  • DO always completely dry wet or damp clothing before placing it in a closet.

  • DO take your garments to a local dry cleaner regularly to maintain the look and feel of the items.

  • DO take stained clothing items to your dry cleaner as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of getting the stain removed.

  • DO always tell your dry cleaner about what caused the garment stain, if known.

  • DON'T press stained garments as it will likely set the stain and make it impossible to remove.

  • DON'T try using at-home stain removers before taking the item to your dry cleaner.

  • DON'T hang sweaters and knitted garments.

  • DON'T store clothing at home without cleaning the items beforehand.

  • DON'T put on deodorant without protecting your shirt beforehand or allowing the deodorant to dry before putting on your dress shirt to reduce the risk of deodorant staining on clothing.

While this is not an exhaustive list of dry cleaning dos and don'ts, it is a good guide for both newcomers using a dry cleaner and those who have used a dry cleaner for years. If you have questions about the proper care of your items, feel free to reach out. Our professional dry cleaners will be happy to assist with your clothing care needs.

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