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Maintain Your Gown with Wedding Dress Preservation

You may spend months searching for the perfect wedding dress. Whether traditional, modern, or elegant fits your style, the time spent finding "the one" and the memories your wedding gown carries often means you'll hang onto the beautiful dress long after you walk down the aisle. Besides the time invested in finding your wedding gown, it is usually a substantial financial investment too. While you only use your special investment for the big day, your wedding dress is not something you just toss aside aftward. To help ensure your dress continues to look as beautiful as the day you said, "yes to the dress," you should have your dress professionally cleaned and take the extra step of preserving your wedding gown.

What is Wedding Dress Preservation?

Rather than leaving your wedding dress in the back of your closet, dress preservation ensures future generations can enjoy its original beauty. Over time a wedding dress that hasn't been cleaned and preserved can become discolored. Preservation is extremely important if you plan to keep the wedding gown as an heirloom or a keepsake of your special day.

When choosing wedding dress preservation, it is important to use a company you can trust who will treat your gown with the special care needed for its delicate materials and beading. With some companies, your dress must be mailed off-site for the professional cleaning and preservation process. However, at Craig's Dry Cleaners, we do wedding dress preservation in-house. Therefore, you'll never worry about your dress getting lost in shipping or wonder who is handling your items. We understand the investment of your wedding gown and are dedicated to keeping your memories fresh.

Preserving Your Wedding Gown

With your wedding gown being a major cost in your wedding budget, it is a good idea to factor the cost of wedding dress preservation into your budget as well. Although it can be a significant expense, depending on dress type and details, it is well worth it for keeping your wedding memories free of stains and damage.

Steps Used with Wedding Dress Preservation Service

Once you decide to preserve your wedding gown, it will go through several steps before your dress is ready to be taken back to your home for safe storage. The first step an experienced cleaning specialist does is a visual inspection of the dress. They will check the dress' stitching, beading, fabric, lace, and trims for any spots requiring special attention. Although you may or may not see any stains, especially tears or champagne that drys clear, a professional can spot those and ensure proper treatment and removal. After a visual inspection, the dress is hand cleaned and fluffed dry. Then, the gown cleaning specialist will inspect the dress again and complete any minor repairs, beading/button replacements, or customer's special requests. Afterward, the preservation specialist will shape the wedding dress and carefully pack it and any accessories into a specialized wedding gown storage box.

How Soon Should I Have My Wedding Dress Cleaning After Getting Married?

It is ideal to have your wedding dress cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding. This is because, as with any stains, the longer you wait, the more time stains have to set into the fabric. According to, new brides wait as long as six weeks to have their wedding gown cleaned. That is far too long as stains will have more than enough time to set in. As newlyweds, you'll probably be heading off on a honeymoon after the wedding reception, and having your wedding dress cleaned will be the last worry on your mind. However, you should coordinate beforehand for a bridesmaid, mother, or mother-in-law to take your wedding dress to be cleaned the day after your special celebration to avoid the risk of permanent staining.

If you are searching for wedding dress preservation or cleaning in the Tri-Cities TN region, Craig's Dry Cleaners can help. Conveniently located in Bristol, TN, we happily help local brides preserve their wedding dresses for long-term storage or restoring a wedding gown to its original beauty. Contact us to see how we can help keep your wedding memories fresh.

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