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Should I Use Powder Detergent, Liquid Detergent, or Laundry Pods When Washing Clothes?

Doing laundry is a necessary task. While you may already have a routine for tackling the chore, you may wonder what type of detergent is best. From powder detergent to liquid to laundry pods, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Determining which works best for your laundry needs is a matter of preference and often depends on the type and intensity of stains. As Bristol's top-choice dry cleaner and wash and fold service, we've broken down the benefits of each laundry detergent type and when you should use one over the other.

Benefits of Using Powder Detergent for Your Clothes

Often coming in easy-to-recycle cartons, powder detergent is a traditional solution for cleaning dirt and stains from clothes. Powder detergent offers the lowest cost per load but doesn't always dissolve as well as alternatives in cold water. Therefore, one of the major disadvantages of washing with powder detergent is that it can leave residue on your clothes or in your home washing machine.

Powder detergent is most effective for removing mud/clay or grass stains.

Advantages of Using Liquid Detergent for Doing Laundry

Liquid detergent is a convenient option for cleaning clothes and can easily be used for pre-treating stains. It often dissolves in all water temperatures, meaning less worry of unwanted detergent traces on your freshly washed laundry. While liquid detergent is simple to use, it is easy to over or underuse the amount of detergent needed for your load size. The cost per load for liquid detergent is often higher too.

Liquid detergent is often best for lifting greasy or oily stains from clothes.

When Laundry Pods are Best for Cleaning Clothes

Single-dose laundry pods are the easiest solution for laundry day as the pods are premeasured to prevent over or underdosing. In addition, laundry pods can provide consistent cleaning results and allow varying cleaning technologies to be incorporated, such as softeners. The minimal packaging with laundry pods makes them more eco-friendly. While laundry pods are convenient, they are the highest price per load option and can be hazardous for children or pets if not safely and securely stored.

Laundry pods are best for cleaning light to medium-soiled clothes and those with consistent load sizes each time.

The selection of laundry products can be overwhelming when shopping for what to use for cleaning stains and dirt from clothes. Deciding what best suits your needs can be challenging, with each laundry detergent type promising a fresh, clean job. Our overview of the different detergent types above can help you choose the right one for your laundry needs.

Are you tired of routine laundry or just need a break from the necessary task? At Craig's Dry Cleaners, we offer wash and fold laundry service to deliver your clothes back fresh, clean, and folded. Contact us to learn more, or schedule your free pickup and delivery in the Tri-Cities TN region today.

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