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Tips for Preparing for Vacation in Bristol and The Appalachian Highlands

Updated: May 16, 2022

Planning for a vacation is exciting but can also be exhausting. As the countdown to leaving for vacation gets closer, this quick list will help ensure you remember all your essentials and will be on your way to the relaxing time away you deserve.

Planning for Vacation in Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City

Tie Up Loose Ends at Home Before Leaving

Depending on how long you plan to be away, you may need to do all or some of the following tasks.

  • Sign up to have the post office hold your mail and temporarily suspend newspaper delivery.

  • Ensure all bills due while you're gone are paid or scheduled to be paid on time.

  • Use up any fresh ingredients in your refrigerator by preparing meals with them before your leave date.

  • Clean out your refrigerator before leaving to avoid coming back to a home with unpleasant smells.

  • Download any movies, books, or games to your tablet, laptop, or reading device to occupy your time during the trip.

  • You may want to withdraw some cash in case you visit shops or restaurants that do not accept credit cards during your trip.

  • If you have pets or plants that require care while you're on vacation, ensure you arrange care beforehand.

  • Stop any recurring deliveries, such as meal plans, during your time away.

Packing for Vacation

Many of us tend to overpack when leaving for vacation. However, following these tips and considering using a laundry service at your destination will help you pack just enough for your trip.

  • Check the weather a few days before you leave to ensure you pack the appropriate attire during your vacation.

  • Check if there are wash and fold laundry services available within the area you'll be staying in. Whether you're staying at an Airbnb, hotel, or other vacation rentals, many local dry cleaners will pick up your dirty clothes and deliver your clean laundry back to the doorstep. This allows you to pack fewer outfits for your trip without the fear of running out of things to wear too soon.

  • Make a checklist of essential items you want to ensure you don't forget. Your list may include phones, chargers, tickets, medication, etc.

Vacation Packing Tips from Craig's Dry Cleaners

Confirm All Travel

Nothing is worse than traveling for a specific event only to find out a schedule change or cancelation after you already arrived at your destination. That is a sure way to ruin your entire vacation. To help you avoid this situation, you should confirm all your travel plans before leaving your home.

  • Check with the airline to confirm your flight is on time and the seating arrangement is correct.

  • Contact any museums, amusement parks, etc. that you want to visit to confirm they're open and ensure you understand the process for securing tickets.

  • Ensure you have a rental car booked, if needed, to travel from the airport to your vacation stay.

  • Confirm with your vacation rental or hotel that your reservation is booked and ready for your arrival.

Enjoy Your Vacation

Remember that you are on vacation, and don't let stressors from home or work ruin your mood. While things might not always go exactly as planned, it's important to relax and enjoy your vacation!

If you're planning a vacation to Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City, or the surrounding areas, Craig's Dry Cleaners can help reduce the stress from vacation laundry. We provide wash and fold laundry service across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia with free pickup and delivery. You can focus on enjoying all the amenities our area offers while we handle your dirty laundry. Contact us to learn more about our laundry service, whether you're vacationing in the area or living here.

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