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Wash and Fold Laundry Service vs. Going to the Laundromat

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Whether you do not have a home washer and dryer or one of your machines is currently out of service, there are two options for Tri-Cities TN residents. You can make a trip to a local laundromat and take time out of your busy schedule waiting for your loads of laundry to finish, or you can use Craig's Dry Cleaners' wash and fold laundry service with free home pickup and delivery. However, the cost difference is often the main question many people have when considering using a wash and fold service vs. a trip to the laundromat. We've broken down the typical costs per load of laundry as well as other factors to help you determine the best option for washing your clothes.

Typical Cost of a Bristol, TN Area Laundromat

Most laundromats offer washing and drying machines in different sizes to accommodate various laundry loads. Therefore, using coin-operated washing machines can vary from around $4 to $10 per cycle. You'll also have an additional cost starting at around $2 for using the dryers at a laundromat.

Other overlooked costs of using a laundromat are the expense of laundry detergent and fabric softeners and the gas needed to drive to and from the place.

Cost of Using Craig Dry Cleaners Wash and Fold Laundry Service

At your local Bristol, TN dry cleaner, we provide wash and fold service for all your laundry needs starting at $1.99 per pound. We even offer free pickup and delivery from your home or workplace within the Tri-Cities TN region. Therefore, you never have to wait for loads of laundry to finish and can complete other to-dos off your list or enjoy a break from your busy schedule. Craig's Dry Cleaners' wash and fold service ensures your items are washed, dried, folded, and ready to put away without the extra hassle on your part, whether you choose to pick them up at our storefront on Volunteer Parkway or have us deliver them to your doorstep.

Common Concerns of Using a Laundromat

A trip to a coin-operated laundromat is essential for those without the resources to wash and dry clothes at home. However, you may have concerns when using a laundromat to do your routine loads of laundry.

Stolen Items

Since waiting around the laundromat for your laundry to complete is time-consuming, many may choose to run errands at nearby places while the washer or dryer runs. However, if you do not return promptly to remove your clothes from the machines, you may risk stolen items. While most laundromat goers practice common courtesy by not removing items from occupied machines, some people in a hurry when unoccupied machines are scarce may remove your clothes, allowing people to freely browse your items.

Using a wash and fold service, you no longer need to worry about "lost" items. At Craig's Dry Cleaners, our professionals take special care to ensure your items are all accounted for, and you never have to worry about rushing back to check on your laundry to ensure no one bothers it.

Inefficient Machines

If a washer or dryer is not operating efficiently, you could end up paying more per load for properly cleaned clothes. Whether it's the washing machine leaving your clothes overly wet at the end of the cycle or not properly rinsing the soap from your items, inefficient machines not only lead to more time spent at the laundromat. It also reduces the life of your clothing, with the extra washing or drying required.

With Craig's Dry Cleaners' dependable wash and fold service, our up-to-date and well-managed machines leave your clothes fresh and clean every time. Our laundry professionals ensure your items are properly cared for to extend the longevity of your garments.

Wait for Available Machine

During busy times at laundromats, finding an available machine can be overwhelming. Waiting for an unoccupied machine before beginning your laundry task or making the trip back at a later, less busy time takes more time of your day than expected.

Forget about waiting for an available machine or scheduling your laundromat trip at less busy times. A wash and fold service works on your schedule, and Craig's Dry Cleaners' convenient free pick up and delivery makes doing laundry even simpler.

You'll never have to wait at a laundromat again when using a wash and fold laundry service. Ready to give it a try to see if it's the best clothes cleaning option for you and your busy schedule? Contact Craig's Dry Cleaners or place your pickup and delivery order today.

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