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What Type of Clothes Require Dry Cleaning?

Whether you're a newbie to dry cleaning or have used a local dry cleaner for years, knowing the type of clothes best suited for dry cleaning is essential to maintain the look and fit of your clothes. While you should always refer to your garment's care label to determine if it requires dry cleaning, we've compiled a quick reference list of types of clothes to avoid just throwing in the washing machine.

Business Suits


Often consisting of delicate material, such as wool, suits should always be dry cleaned. Washing a suit in a washer could ruin the texture and overall fit of the garment.


The large size of coats and jackets can be unmanageable in typical washers and risk becoming damaged during the strenuous washing process. Depending on a coat's lining and filling, not following proper cleaning can damage the material and ruin your coat.

Button Shirt

Button-Up Shirts and Vests

Dress shirts and vests often require dry cleaning because of the risk of the items getting damaged or buttons being removed during washing. Also, improper cleaning can discolor these specific attires.

Dress and Skirts

While some dresses and skirts can withstand a run through a washing machine, others consist of delicate materials that require special care that your local dry cleaner can provide. Some garments may be easily torn, damaged, or shrink if not cleaned properly.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dresses

The delicate materials and embellishments often found on wedding gowns require professional handling to ensure the dress is not damaged. Your local Bristol, TN dry cleaner will clean your timeless gown and even offers wedding dress preservation to keep its original beauty for future generations to enjoy.

This shortlist of items best suited for dry cleaning does not include other often overlooked textiles and garments that require special care. Blankets, comforters, and items with padding or pleating are a few others you could add to your "let your Bristol, TN dry cleaner handle" pile. Even for those garments you're not sure whether dry cleaning is essential could benefit from a trip to a professional dry cleaner. Our cleaning experts can help you decide the best care options to keep your items looking their best.

Dry cleaning is essential for certain types of items that cannot withstand a typical cycle in a washing machine. Although your clothing care label is your guide to how to wash and properly care for your items, many people are guilty of not reading the label before washing. However, this could be costing you by ruining your favorite blouse or reducing the garment's integrity. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that dry cleaners are an essential staple even today.

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