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What to Know Before Taking Your Clothes to a Dry Cleaner in Bristol, Tennessee

While many think dry cleaning is just for business suits and formal wear, taking your clothes to your local dry cleaner has long-lasting effects on your outfits. Dry cleaning professionals know the best practices for maintaining the look and fit of your items. While your local Bristol, TN dry cleaner provides better results than you can achieve at home, there are some dry cleaning basics to keep in mind before placing your pickup and delivery order.

Check Your Care Labels

Any clothes with care labels stating "dry clean only" you want to bring to Craig's Dry Cleaners for professional cleaning. Trying to wash dry clean only items at home may damage the fabric, color, or fit. While you may try washing garments that recommend dry cleaning at home, taking them to your local dry cleaners will provide the best results and help increase the longevity of your items. Even for clothing that does not suggest dry cleaning, you will be impressed with the results of having those garments professionally cleaned.

When to Dry Clean Items

When a garment's care label does not say "dry clean", how do you know when to take it to your local Bristol, Tennessee dry cleaner? Craig's Dry Cleaners handles all your laundry needs with our convenient wash and fold service and a complete list of dry cleaning services. However, there are certain situations and materials to watch for that it is best to trust the professionals, including:

  • Stained Garments: Nothing is worse than spilling coffee or dropping food on your favorite blouse or shirt. Bringing your stained garment to your dry cleaner as soon as possible helps ensure any stains are removed using their expert stain-specific removal techniques.

  • Taffeta

  • Silk

  • Wool

  • Velvet

  • Lined Jackets or Coats

  • Items with Pleating

Prepping Your Clothes for the Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning helps keep your clothes looking their best for longer. However, if it is your first time taking your garments to a dry cleaner, you may wonder if there is anything you should do before placing your pickup order or dropping of your items. Use the following tips to ensure your items are ready for their trip to the dry cleaner.

  • Empty the pockets

  • Note any loose buttons or broken zippers

  • Note any known stains: If you know what caused the stain, let our cleaning professionals know to help determine the best stain-removal process for effectively removing the stains.

While preparing your garments for the dry cleaner is helpful, it is also important to properly store your cleaned clothes once you bring them back home. You should always remove the plastic bags covering your cleaned items before hanging them in your closet to reduce the chance of mildew on your garments.

Contact Craig's Dry Cleaners with additional questions about the dry cleaning process and learn more about how we can help keep your items looking their best with less stress.

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