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When to Wash Linens and Bedding

While many of us spend around 8 hours a day in our beds, the routine care for sheets and comforters is often overlooked. It is difficult to judge when it is time to wash linens and bedding because they probably don't look dirty at a glance. However, if you looked at your sheets with a microscope you may be surprised at what you would find. Do you have a schedule for washing linens and bedding? If not, you should, and here's why.

Microscopic Detritus Build Up on Your Bedding

While looking at your sheets may not show dirt, taking a closer look under a microscope usually reveals that it is past time to run the items through the wash. Some items you may find in your sheets include:

  • Dead skin cells: Humans shed skin cells daily, so naturally they will build up in our bedding.

  • Dust mites: While mostly harmless, dust mites can affect your allergies. The tiny bugs only feed on dead skin cells, so they won't hurt hurt you otherwise.

  • Oils from the skin: Whether or not you sweat or drool in your sleep, there are other natural oils from your skin that your sheets absorb while you sleep.

  • Pet hair and dander: If you allow your pets to sleep in your bed, their dander and hair can be found in the mix of microscopic items on your sheets.

Dirty Sheets Lead to the Accumulation of Bacteria

While many may never have problems going long periods of time without washing their sheets and bedding, the build up of dead skin cells, sweat, and other items mentioned above lead to the accumulation of bacteria. This bacteria can potentially have negative effects on your skin, such as itchy rashes or acne breakouts. Therefore, keeping clean sheets is essential for your health, especially for those with severe allergies or compromised immune systems.

How Often Should You Wash Sheets and Linens?

While many factors help determine when it is time to wash your sheets and comforters, the most common recommendation is weekly. Washing your sheets and linens each week is ideal to keep dirt and bacteria from building up and causing skin or allergy issues. Some factors to consider to decide if you can wait a few more days before tackling the task of bedding laundry include:

  • Whether or not you move around a lot during your sleep. Those who are still sleepers will lose fewer skin cells in the night vs. those who spend the night tossing and turning.

  • If you shower before bed each night, you are removing some dead skin cells that will not end up in your sheets in the night.

  • If you or your partner sweats often while asleep, your sheets will become dirtier sooner.

If you already have a weekly schedule for washing bedding, you can relax knowing you are doing your part to keep your sheets free from bacteria. However, if you do not or are have trouble finding the time to fit weekly bedding and linen laundry into your schedule, Craig's Dry Cleaners can help. We can take care of keeping your sheets, comforters, and other bedding fresh and clean while you enjoy doing the things that make you happy. We also offer convenient pickup and delivery to make keeping your bedding washed weekly a piece of cake without any extra stress on you.

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